Who we are

About ISP-Myanmar

The Institute for Strategy and Policy – Myanmar (ISP – Myanmar) is an independent, non-partisan and non-governmental think tank. Established in 2016, ISP-Myanmar aims to promote democratic leadership and strengthening civic participation in Myanmar through its key strategic programs and initiatives. The institute primarily focuses on research, capacity building, leadership engagement, communication and outreach programs, and desk initiatives on Peace and China issues.

What We Value

ISP-Myanmar supports the advancement of democracy, good governance, federal principles and practices, and fundamental human rights. Our work aims to promote the development of a resilient and tolerant society whose government is accountable and open to the participation by all people. ISP-Myanmar values the respect for human rights and human security in Myanmar. We believe in addressing inequalities that cut across multiple divides, including race, class, gender, sexual orientation and citizenship. We encourage informed public debate and respect for diverse opinions. The mission of ISP-Myanmar is to promote democratic leadership and to strengthen civic participation by conducting policy-oriented research, analysis, public outreach with multi-media tools, capacity building training and leadership-level dialogue.

Advancement of democracy

The development of a resilient and tolerant society

Good governance

Accountable government and public participation

Federal principles and practices

Addressing inequalities that cut across multiple divides

Fundamental human rights

The respect for human rights and human security in Myanmar

Advisory Board Members

The organization currently has an advisory board of five people, including both international scholars and representatives from Myanmar civil society and media. Advisory board members offer assistance to the ISP management team with regard to communicating with local stakeholders in ethnic areas, provide non-binding strategic advice in local communication strategies, to provide recommendation to donor organizations. Our current advisory board members of ISP – Myanmar are:

  • Larry Diamond, the Hoover Institution
  • Dr. Thant Lwin Maung (Ko Tar), Founder of Lumbani Academy and Writer
  • Seng Raw Lahpai, Metta Foundation
  • Igor Blaževič, the Educational Initiatives
  • Dr. Christina Fink, George Washington University