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Is Yangon is an exciting place, commercial hub of the country and former capital with a large urban population. While just 30 percent of the country’s people live in urban areas, a finding shows that urban poverty is (34.6 percent) of the population and which is higher than expected. Save the Children, in collaboration with the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC), conducted an urban poverty survey in 2015, helping to uncover the extent of the problem. These vulnerable urban dwellers and migrants are easily exploited, with many hired as unskilled factory workers or daily labourers, mostly without any form of labour, social and health protection. Others try their hand at being small business owners in food vending or trishaw riding. Regardless of the path chosen, most end up in debt. 85 percent of the surveyed group was found to be taking out loans, largely for food and other basic needs. The result is a population living in poverty, poor health and low literacy.

Please read the report: Lives on loan: Extreme Poverty in Yangon.

Source – Save the Children (Myanmar)


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